Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ten Steps to a Great Consultation

     In the Miladys Standard Cosmetology book, it tells us what a good client consultation should consist of. I'm going to review what it says and give you my interpretation of how things should roll.

    Before the consultation you should have a variety of style and swatch books as well as a portfolio for your clients to look through. This is helpful because it will give your client ideas of what they may want as well as help them communicate to you what they have in mind for their hair.

Step 1. Review. Miladys suggests that you have an intake form for them to fill out upon arrival that asks questions about how they heard of the salon, what kind of services they have done throughout the year as well as what they expect from this visit. This will give you a great platform to base your current service as well as find out what other services they might be interested in.
Step 2. Assess. The clients style and appearance will help you decide what kind of cut or color you might give them. Whether it is classic, funky, low maintenance or soft.
Step 3. Preference. What do they like least and most about their hair? What would they change and keep the same.
Step 4. Analyze. Assess the texture, thickness, quality and  manageability of the clients hair. Whether it is coarse, damaged, thin in areas or if they have cowlicks.
Step 5. Lifestyle what are their styling habits, do they spend a lot of time outdoors, how much time do they want to spend on their hair each morning.
Step 6. Show and Tell. Encourage your client to point out styles, and colors they like. Help them understand the limitations of their hair. For example if they keep pointing out full thick hair styles but they have thin hair, they may not get what they want. Continually repeat what they say in your own words so you're both on the same page.
Step 7. Suggest. Once you have enough information to make a style suggestion narrow it down with three points. A style to fit their needs (time). A style to fit their hair type. A style that will suit their body and face. Big cheek bones, small forehead etc. When you point out reasons for your style suggestions, the client will be more understanding.
Step 8. Color. Miladys suggest to discuss color regardless of the service they are coming in for. A tasteful color will complement and enhance every hair style even if its just a gloss treatment. While I agree in most cases is sounds to me like an up sale.
Find out if they have colored their hair before, if they did it themselves or professionally, and if they want  a dramatic or subtle color change.
Step 9. Upkeep. Council each client on how to maintain their hair. How to do their style, how to take care of damaged hair, treatments they may want to get etc.
Step 10. Repeat. Review everything you have discussed make sure that you're both still on the same page. Be sure to be clear and confirm with them you know what they want.

    Concluding the service. Be sure to write down any color formulas you did. Things they love, things they would change and see if they are satisfied with your service. Take a picture! This way you have a reference for next time.

Lets see how I did with my consultation with Nan
1. Review. I didn't have her fill out an intake form but i do feel like i knew most of the information i would have gathered on it. Except other services she may get. 
2. Assess. She has short wavy hair likes to get up put product in and go. 
3. Preferences. Likes it easy but to have volume on top
4. Analyze. Her hair is real thick in back but super thin by the temples, and doesn't want to loose any hair there.
5. Lifestyle. She works for the forest service and is out doors a lot but also has to look nice for when people come in the office.
6. Show and tell. I didn't get to do this because i don't have style books but she only wanted a trim and it thinned in the back and wasn't making any major style adjustments.
7. Suggest.Nan trimmed her bangs herself and they got a little short so my biggest suggestion was to just texture the bangs and let them grow. Next time i'll do a free bang trim.
8. Color. I didn't discuss color with her because all she asked for was a cut. But next time i will mention it to get and up sale. I didn't love her color, I think that if i did it, i would change the placement of foils and definitely put some lower.
9. Upkeep. I found she likes to wear her hair curly and messy and she prefers a chunky look rather than soft.
10. Repeat. I felt like when I did her service I had a good idea of what she wanted and was able to execute it well.

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